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Thank You Newgrounds!

2017-09-30 08:29:08 by RummyNG

I appreciate the frontpage for my tankaganda shirt mockup!

I've been on NG for years and even less as a member with an identity. I never saw myself getting notoriety here but the confidence boost is sky high. Thank you Tom and Jeff for the notice and inspiration.

Tankmen will always be my favorite part of this website.

Go Check Out my GF's Art!

2017-05-01 19:29:41 by RummyNG


Have a Merry Pico Day!

2017-04-30 15:38:14 by RummyNG

Thank you NG, thank you @TomFulp!

Lost my Job

2017-04-11 04:09:15 by RummyNG

I'm in need of help, so please view my commission information.


Every little bit helps.

Youtube Video Projects

2016-10-03 19:28:19 by RummyNG

I've obtained permission from JohnnyUtah, Ricepirate, Redminus and Adam Phillips to do some content dissection and analytics.

What does that mean you might ask? Well, simply put this means I'm going to take apart the elements of their animations and dialogue to point out why they're good. There will be minor critique, but I feel like breaking down the elements of their work and presenting it will make people understand why these guys are so successful in their passion jobs.

I also have some videos planned on youtubers themselves, so I'm learning ADOBE Premiere a bit before I put anything out. Nobody likes a Windows Moviemaker baby.

How to Advertise Yourself as an Artist Podcast

2016-09-10 12:47:50 by RummyNG

I went out of my way to make a podcast discussing the ways you can go about promoting yourself as an internet artist.

It's a little over an hour and is in no way shape or form professionally edited, and my mic settings arent of decent quality (with no way to provide myself with sound absorption yet). I made this to help friends and friends of friends etc.

Please pass this around, I promise it'll be worth your time.

For those interested, I'm going to be holding a lecture on Discord for people interested on building a viewerbase and expanding as internet artists.

Full details here! Spread the word to your buddies, the lecture starts 11:30 am EST.

Well it's the first time anyone has ever come to me to put art on something so official. The art style I used is not my norm but the channel owner was happy with it. I'm rather proud to be recognized by a personality I'm a fan of but also appear in their content.

The channel is a podcast hosted by two personalities that commentate, analyze and participate in official gaming events such as Starcraft and DOTA 2. They're looking for people to interview and will be talking game and guff like most gents on YT these days would. I find them very likable and I'm not being paid to say this shit.

I'd appreciate it if maybe these guys could get some love

Your hosts are SirActionSlacks (representing MoonduckTV) and Hotbid (member of Liquid). They're getting used to the whole YT podcasting and editing thing so go easy on them for now. Hope ya'll are having fun here on NG, and the thumbnail art I did can be found in my gallery! Hope I can do more official stuff in the future when I get better.

Username Change + Rent Situation

2016-05-28 07:57:51 by RummyNG

So I got a lot of negative feedback on my previous username (TheIronFather) due to the fact it was considered creepy, weird and wasn't catchy. It was also deemed as not catchy enough to remember, so as my final namechange (promise) I'm going to my very old username from back in my Halo days.

There will be no namechanges from here on out despite criticism. I can't keep doing this due to my followers on various media not being able to keep up (and shouldn't have to).

The criticism however wasn't wrong and I took it with a tough chin. Interpret as you will.


Secondly, my rent situation was covered due to not only the kindness of users across NG, Tumblr and Twitter but also a stroke of luck. The employees who filed my money order caught the criminal who picked my pockets and replaced the order for me. They didn't know how to contact me sooner so they waited until I happened to come into the store again! Hurray for good luck right? In all seriousness though, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart to all those who helped. I'd list names but many of them like their privacy, so I hope you all read this.

I'm in the midst of updating the visuals for my characters so look forward to more concepts of THINGS and maybe some more fan art. Have a good morning/evening peoples.

Happy (Belated) Holidays

2016-01-09 02:31:52 by RummyNG

Hope everyone is staying warm and doing well. Sorry I haven't been posting quickly as I'm doing some financial and physical catch up from New Years.

If you're interested at all in what my plans are for this page, this is what you can expect in the future:

1. Concept commissions

2. Character, Location and Lore Concept art

3. NSFW (Violence, Horror and Pornography)

4. Developing literary lore for a Medieval Newgrounds concept and my own universe concept.

5. Sleepycast fan art (I'm so sorry, I love those guys.)

6. Calling my friends and fans mean names.

If the things above don't bother you, WELCOME! If they DO bother you? I apologize, but there's the door homie.


EXTRA: I also stream PS4 games because I'm a console scrub.

PS4/Skype contacts are also posted! Don't hesitate to hollar at my faceholes.